Mobile Device Security Risks

Still think it won't happen to you? Check out this Infographic from Novell and think again. Among a number of surprising statistics.... 52% of devices are stolen at work /office! As we rely more and more on mobile devices, it's critical to consider the security needs and implications of a lost device.

Know how your business uses mobile devices... laptops, USB drives, tablets, smartphones, etc.  Understand what data is on these devices. What are users saving to USB drives? Is business e-mail synced to mobile devices? Are files stored locally on a laptop or tablet, rather than on the network? Understanding where your data lives is paramount to protecting it.

Employ a mobile security practice consisting of documented mobile device policies and mobile device management (MDM) procedures. In addition to protection included within devices (passwords, Find My Phone tools...), third-party MDM solutions will provide added protection.

Also important, and often overlooked, have a plan in place to respond to mobile device loss or theft. Know the steps to take to minimize your risks. After all, according to Novell, if a laptop or tablet is stolen every 53 seconds, you could lose your mobile device at any minute.

Mobile Device Management Infographic

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