Before you 'Let it snow'

OK… it’s New England. We’re supposed to be ready for things like two feet of snow, Snow Monitorright? Whether you’re excited for or dreading the whole lotta snow forecasters are piling on, many of us are making some preparations for the upcoming storm.

  • Flashlights?     Check!
  • Batteries?        Check!
  • Snowblower?    Double check!
  • Generator?      If I’m lucky!

But it’s also important to make preparations for your business and its technology.

Severe storms, such as the snow and windstorm we are currently facing, often result in intermittent or full power outages. Intermittent outages can create surges that seriously damage or "fry" your technology equipment. Before you leave the office tomorrow, please take several steps to mitigate possible damage:

  1. Shut down and if possible, unplug, any non-essential equipment, such as computers, printers, etc... to protect against power surges. To ease resuming normal operations, make a list of all unplugged equipment.
  2. Ensure essential equipment, such as servers, switches, and routers, are operating with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  3. Verify your data backup operation and, if needed, perform a backup prior to shutting down.
  4. Write down Daystar's office phone number (603.766.5924) and after hours support number (800.519.8947) in the event you need it and are unable to log into the ticket system or send e-mail.

Please note, if you are currently using Daystar network monitoring, please notify Daystar prior to shutting down any systems.

Should you require additional assistance throughout the duration of the storm, please do not hesitate to contact Daystar.

By taking a few moments to protect yourself and your business, you can confidently look tomorrow’s impending storm in the face and say…. “Bring it!”

Stay safe (and warm)!

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