Cybersecurity webinar gives businesses a look inside the Dark Web

“Businesses across New England are challenged with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. With most attacks going undetected for approximately seven months, many businesses don’t even realize their employees’ private work credentials are already compromised. This can put confidential business data at risk,” says Daystar CEO Keith Bamford. “We put together this webinar with Kaseya to educate area businesses about the Dark Web and give them the opportunity to find out if – more likely which – business data is vulnerable to exploitation.”


The Dark Web is an unregulated part of the Internet that can only be accessed by special browsers. Although not everything on the dark web is illegal, it is well-known as a hotbed for digital criminal activity. A vast online marketplace where hackers and other cyber criminals can anonymously trade stolen credentials, sensitive customer or financial data, malware infections and more pose a serious risk to an organization’s data security.

Although the Dark Web can seem like another world to the average person, research shows that more
than 15 billion login credentials are openly for sale on the dark digital commerce playground. These
user names and passwords are for various online services, such as banking services, social media
accounts, and cloud applications. For example, in April of this year, more than 500,000 stolen Zoom
credentials were on sale, at a time when more people worked remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This recorded webinar explores the risks particular to small and midsized businesses and shares methods and tools business owners can use to protect their organizations. Screenshots of actual deals being made on the Dark Web will be displayed along with an examination of how breaches occur and  by whom. 

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