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Many people jumped into working from home a few weeks back using whatever tools they could find quickly. But how do we use these tools effectively? And what's really best for a particular business? In this webinar, we shared information on some of the major business collaboration tools that help you, your team, and your customers stay connected. We cover video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and more! And, we top it off with our top 10 list to help you work remotely better!

This webinar is designed to help you find the right collaboration tools for your business and provide you with some guidance on how to video conference like a pro and manage your new remote work environment.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Best practices in setting up a remote workspace
  • A review of some of the leading real-time collaboration tools (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting)
  • Direction on where you can find direct training
  • Our top 10 tips for working remotely like a pro

We discuss what you need to work from home successfully over the long term. And we explore the transition from the traditional "work-life balance" goal to the new "work-home separation" mode. Many people tend to overwork when they are working remotely; they have trouble turning work off both physically and mentally.  We share some insight into how to cope with turning off work and separating your work mindset from your home mindset. 



The webinar was presented by Daystar in conjunction with The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth and the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Speakers include Keith Bamford, CEO and Co-founder of Daystar, and Anne Brown, Director of Communication with Daystar. 


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