Daystar is proud to be awarded the July Small but Mighty Business by the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth! The honor is awarded to a different small business (under 40 employees) each month who are doing BIG things in their communities. We are really proud of the results we produce for our clients, the impact we have on our community, and the amazing team we have cultivated. Thanks to the Chamber Collaborative and Federal Savings Bank for this recognition!


Video Transciption:

(Keith Bamford): “Daystar is a family-owned business. We’ve been in business for 18 years, owned by three brothers. And what we do today is we work with businesses to deliver results through technology. So, business integration and technology alignment is, how do we come into a business and work and understand their organizational goals and utilize technology to achieve them more efficiently, quicker, faster, reduce organizational noise, improve their results to their clients.”

(Eric Bamford): “We help businesses run more efficiently and better as a full organization.”

(Keith Bamford): “The reason people work with us is because we're a results-based organization. We're looking at the result that we can deliver - a measurable result. The entire organization is focused around that - believes it, and eats, sleeps and drinks it. And we aren't all about ourselves. We’re about, you know, a result for us, a result for the community, and results for our employees, even to the fact of how do we ensure our people are successful, not just here but in life.”

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