The technology landscape is dynamic and ever-changing; new tools are constantly being released that promise bigger and better things for your business. Whether or not you consider yourself an early adopter as a personal user, the stakes get higher when you consider deploying emerging technologies in your business’ network environment.

There are true benefits to implementing emerging technologies. Many new technologies focus on saving time and increasing productivity. Being the first among your competitors to implement a new tool could also create a competitive edge for your business. And, if your organization’s culture is the sort that embraces innovation, you will have the buy-in and admiration of your internal staff. Lastly, promoting your business as an early adopter of new technology can enhance your public image and brand.

On the flip side of these benefits are the risks to deploying emerging technologies. The common objection being cost—emerging technologies often cost more than they will in one, three, or five years.  Stability is also an issue with often buggy initial versions of a new system or tool. Compatibility with existing hardware and software is a major concern, as well as the likelihood of the snowball effect requiring additional upgrades to support the new technology. The logistics of a new technology rollout can also interrupt users resulting in added frustration and possible new training costs.

Regardless of what the technology is, it must integrate with your business’ technology strategy in order to provide value for you. Some questions you should ask yourself before implementing the next best thing…

            Do I have a specific problem/issue that this new technology can solve?

            When can I expect to realize a return on my investment?

            How will this technology work with my existing systems?

            Will my employees use the new technology?

            How am I going to implement and maintain it?

            Will I or my staff need additional training?

            What is the impact if the technology fails to deliver?

When it comes to implementing new technologies, there is always an element of risk involved. Knowing what you’re getting into can help you analyze the risk and determine if the reward is worth it.

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